2nd xv Match Reports 2018 - 2019

2nd xv v MK 30th March 2019

Buzzards opened brightly against Milton Keynes as a mistake at a MK lineout was gratefully accepted by Luke Walsh who found the gap to dive over. The Buzzard scrum proved to be too strong for Milton Keynes as the penalty count increased and this led to excellent back play forcing MK into defence.

Buzzard colts were to be influential during the game. A solid Buzzard maul, from a 5m lineout, was stopped at the line but quick thinking by flanker Julian Gallie led to the 2nd try as he picked up and dove over. Milton Keynes fought back and scored 2 tries to level the match at half time.

Milton Keynes made some tactical changes during the break and were soon breaking through the Buzzard defence with some swift back play and the use of a heavyweight forward. However, as they tired there was a late resurgence by Buzzards, with colt Sam Beaumont outpacing the MK backs to score twice. Buzzards 20 – Milton Keynes 41.