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100 and 200 Club June Draw

100 Club – Robbie Robinson

200 Club – Gordon Mouldes

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100 Club

200 Club

June 2019£100Robbie Robinson£2,500Gordon Mouldes
May 2019£100M Evans£500Miss N Brodin
April 2019£100Jenny Speed£500K Burchell
March 2019£100Andy Purr£500Lee Beaumont
February 2019£100Jim McCormack£500K Healy
January 2019£100Judy day£500Tony Guerrieria
December 2018£1000


Chris Turner

Chris Gibbons

£2,500Noreen Cleary
November 2018£100Gordon Fletcher£500Steve Cooper
October 2018£100Leanne Salloum£500K Burchell
September 2018£100Linda Baroux£500SR Dillamore
August 2018£100Sue Pearson£500Andrew Jenkins
July 2018£100Pete Shephard£500Trish Neill
June 2018£100Chris Gibbons£2,500Chris Fripp
May 2018£100Steve Maddison£500Robbie Robinson
April 2018£100Sean Pamplin£500Mary Hardy
March 2018£100Terry McCann£500Wendy Powell
February 2018£100Judy Day£500Rupert Armitage
January 2018£100Peter Arthur£500Steve Draper
December 2017£1,000Tim Summers£2,500James Neal
£500Mike Evans
November 2017£100Myra Gray£500Chris Janes
October 2017£100Keith Prosser£500Richard Dillamore
September 2017
August 2017£100J D’Souza£500A Purr
July 2017 £100Terry McCann£500Rupert Armitage
June 2017£100J D’Souza£2,500Carl Siddon
May 2017£100Alban Turney£500Linda Baroux
April 2017£100Peter Arthur£500Rosemary Hodey
March 2017£100Mark Hardy£500N Turney
February 2017£100Pete Shepherd£500Steve D’Sylva
January 2017£100Stuart Gore£500Chris Turner
December 2016£1,000


Robbie Robinson

Phil Burton

£2,500Andrea Beaumont
November 2016£100 R Allen £500Mary Hardy
October 2016£100Euan Irwin£500Mark Hardy
September 2016£100jenny Speed£500T Guerrieria
August 2016£100Darren Braybrook£500Rod Keating
July 2016£100Dennis Jordan£500Darren Braybrook
June 2016£100G Taylor Watkins£2,500Nick Turney
May 2016 £100Audrey Garland £500Richard Allen
April 2016 £100Steve Draper £500Chris Phelps
March 2016£100G Taylor Atkins£500RM Evans
February 2016£100S. D’Sylva£500A Linden
January 2016£100T McCann£500Graham  Magill
December 2015£1,000Dennis Jordan£2,500Gordon Fletcher
£500Eric Cohen
November 2015£100Mr M hardy£500Carl Siddon
October 2015£100Amanda Wilkins£500SM Davies
September 2015£100Mr M Hardy£500Carl Siddon
August 2015£100Mrs S Davies£500Kerry Boyd
July 2015£100SM Davies£500Steve Cooper
June 2015£100D McLafferty£2,500C Turner
May 2015£100B Irvine£500C. Bundle
April 2015£100R Dillamore£500J Bettle
March 2015£100P Shepard£500T Guerrieria
February 2015£100P Burton£500C. Janes
January 2015£100S Rodgers£500I Prewitt