Club News

A few words from your captain

Welcome to Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club. It is a great honor to be made 1st team captain of this great club which started back in 1934.  I am proud of the club’s diverse platform that provides people of all ages and abilities, the chance to play, watch and enjoy rugby in such a wonderful environment.

Our amazing Mini and Junior section provides a welcoming and safe environment for prospective players of all abilities to develop into the game and our club has achieved tremendous success in developing players. We have large numbers of players currently representing the 1st team and other senior teams who have played all the way through this pathway, showing its success. This is supported massively by the huge amounts of amazing volunteers from coaches, to medics who allow the club to operate as it does. We are also proud of the support and sacrifice that parents make to allow their children to come and play the most wonderful team sport on earth.

I also can’t go without mentioning the massive addition of the Girls and Ladies teams at Leighton Buzzard Rugby Football Club. This has allowed even more people to represent the club in many ways, making it a very welcoming place for everyone. The huge numbers they get attending their sessions is very positive which I hope and expect this section of the club grow further. 

The club’s Viking Fund has allowed us to educate our volunteer coaches and referees to develop players all over the club. With huge efforts being made this has allowed the club to be very successful in many areas, not only on the pitch. We can’t thank everyone enough who made this possible, leading to such a positive and successful rugby club. 

Leighton Buzzard Rugby Football Club is a huge asset as a community-based club, and we are proud of our links to the Town that we represent. Our club is open and welcoming, and our dedicated committee works hard to provide a multitude of events allowing people to experience new activities and make new friends in the process. 

By working hard, together, we have the opportunity to promote our club, and town, in a positive manner and I am very excited, and honoured, to captain the Club.