Club News

Chairman’s Message May 2020

Dear All,

Once again, I do hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe.

Just a brief message from me to update you on one or two developments at the Club over the past couple of weeks.

Many of you will have seen the announcement late last week that the 1st XV have been given a Level Transfer to the London & South East Division 1 (North) for next season.

This is due to there being too many sides for Midlands 1 (South) which is where we were expected to be headed. The regulations state that the newest entries to the division (either by promotion or relegation) are asked to volunteer for the transfer, but in the absence of any volunteer then the total mileage the club has to travel to fulfil its fixtures is calculated and the club with the lowest mileage will be required to transfer.This is what happened to us. So, what does this mean in reality? New clubs, new friends and new challenges but little else…. I am sure that the players will be eager to just get on and play some rugby again after the successes of last season (which now seem such a long time ago!!).

As far as all other sides in the Club, including Mini and Junior age-groups, we remain an East Midlands Club and will play East Midlands sides.

I also wish  to let you know about is the Club’s AGM, which normally would take place mid-June. We have taken the decision to postpone this for now, and having consulted our Articles of Association, we have until December 31st to hold it; a notice convening the meeting will come out in due course when we are able to emerge from this lockdown.

At the AGM, certain members of the Board of Directors and the new General Committee will be elected; and with a few people stepping down this year, there are positions that need filling. So if you feel that you have something to offer, or would like to contribute to the running of the Club then please contact me and let me know and we can talk about how best we can work together.

One of the few positives to have come out of the current situation is the sense of togetherness and community that has been so evident throughout, and the willingness to help others and to pull together for the greater good, and it is in that spirit that I would encourage you to volunteer to help out where you can to help run your club.

The executive officers continue to meet on a regular basis both to discuss plans for the current shutdown and also looking forward toward when we are able to open again.

The Club has undergone a deep clean across all areas so that we are at our best when are able to re-open.

Our Grounds man, Alban, continues to maintain the pitches as best he can; but with funds being in short supply due to the closure, we are limited this year in what we can afford to have done. I have to say though, having visited the Club last week for a walk-round, they look magnificent!

There are some fantastic activities happening amongst different groups within the Club with weekly online challenges and quizzes being firmly embedded in the repertoire of many, and some great coaching sessions being developed and practiced by several. The passing video has been exceptionally well received online and I thank everyone for getting involved and to those that helped put it together.

Stay safe and keep well, and I look forward to seeing you all again hopefully soon.

Lee Beaumont