Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I buy membership for my child do I have to buy a membership for myself.

A. Each Mini and Junior Membership includes a Parent Social membership. This does not allow the parent to vote at the AGM but does give discount atthe bar and various other benefits, see the benefits of membership page. The Parent Social membership is included in the MJ membership price.

Q If I buy an additional child membership as well as a normal MJ membership does that mean I can get both parents a Social Membership.

A. No Parent Social membership is only available for full MJ memberships either annual or monthly

Q. When I am buying a monthly membership the system puts 2 memberships in the basket.

A. that is a “feature” of GMS. the system takes the your payment mid month so if you apply after that point ( 15th of the month) they charge you once for this month ( payable on the 15th) and once for next month From 15th To 15th of next month. Basically if you pay after the 15th they charge you for last month up to 15th and this month upto 15th of May.

Q. When does the Annual membership renew

Annual membership renews on the 1st September each year. You must pay your membership for the next year at that point.

Q. Does the system take back payments for monthly memberships?

A. No the system takes monthly payments from this month onwards.

Q. Do monthly payments stop during the summer

A. No monthly payments are for 12 months of the year. They are equivalent to the annual payment divided by 12 months.