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Mini Rugby


What is Minis Rugby ?

Minis rugby is a game with a basic rugby format that is introduced through stages (See Below) During your young career as a player all the relevant rules are I introduced at each age group in order that players can progress towards the 15 a-side game. The Rugby Continuum introduces those skills gradually to players through the age groups.

  • Under-7 Non-contact tag-rugby.
  • Under-8 Non-contact tag-rugby.
  • Under-9 Introduces tackling 
  • Under-10 Introduces unopposed scrums + limited rucks and maulsline outs.
  • Under-11 Introduces kicking.
  • Under-12 Consolidates the under-11 game.

Who can play Minis Rugby ?

Any boy or girl under 12 years of age. Children must play in their relevant age group. The determining age is midnight on 31st August 2006.

When do we Play ?

Every Sunday from 10:00am to 12noon every Sunday from first week in September through to last weekend in April . Some older groups may introduced the odd evening session (see coaches for details) As you can see from the fixture list we have a competitive range of fixtures and festivals as well as Triangular games both away and at home. Your respective Age Group Coach will have the exact details.

What Happens in a typical Session ?

Generally, depending on respective age group the session is broken down into the following.

  • Warm-up – 10 minutes
  • Skills Coaching – 45 minutes
  • Game – 20 minutes
  • Administration – 10 minutes

In the younger age groups this will vary.

Important information

The club is a volunteer club. All the officers, coaches, administrators and parents who help out every Sunday do so on a completely voluntarily basis Рwithout them there would be no club. Be prepared to be asked. We are NOT a cr̬che. We like parents/guardians/accompanying adult to stay, watch and encourage the children during the sessions. If unable you must leave a contact number and nominate a responsible parent within the age group your child plays as a precaution. It is absolutely essential that at the end of the session someone is there to collect the children. There are no coaching sessions on Easter Sunday or on Sundays around Christmas/New Year depending on age-group preference.

Coaching may also be cancelled if pitches are not suitable to be played on, be prepared for home games to be moved to away

Coaching will not be cancelled if it is merely cold, wet and miserable, but if it is truly horrible we will limit the session length accordingly. However, truly horrible days are surprisingly rare.

Insurance for players is provided by the club through RFU this is included in your membership fees.

Give your child time to decide whether he/she likes mini-rugby and wants to continue before paying the subs or buying any kit, we recommend a few session before you commit.


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