Youth Player Membership

Registration guidelines

If you have a GMS Account:

1 You will need to log into your account. Follow this link to access your GMS account and sign in.

2  If you need to add family members(s) family member click on “Add a family member ” in the green box. Complete the details of the new [person, do not forget to scroll down and include any medical conditions. You will need to check the box if no medical conditions. if you need to add more children you can click on the Silhouette at the top right of the page and select family from the drop down. You then  click “+Add”  to add additional members. You can add additional members at any time by clicking +Add in the Family and Friends box fo your Dashboard.

3 You now need to buy a membership for each member of the family on the system. Please see the following page for types of membership and eligibility here

Click “Buy Membership” in the green box for each member of the family or highlight the individual in the Friends and Family box and click on “Club Membership Join” In the “Organisation box”. Please buy the parent membership before buying any membership for children.

Select the type of membership required for the adult and then each child. You can also buy membership of the Leighton Buzzard 100  and 200 clubs. This gives you a chance to win £100 a month and £1,000 at Christmas for the  100 club at £4 a month. The 200 Club gives out £500 a month prize money  and £2,500 twice a year for £10 a month. All profits go towards the running of your club.

Once you have bought a membership for all new members, click on “View Basket” and then follow the instructions to pay either by Direct Debit, bank transfer or Credit card.

4  You now need to register all youth players with the RFU. Again follow the instructions in the green box.

Choose which club the player will play at. If Leighton Buzzard is not preselected type in Leighton in the search box and click the search symbol. Select Leighton Buzzard RFC. Mini and Junior players can now be registered with the RFU for more than one club.

Edit School details and check the waivers at the bottom of the registration page.

Please ensure you add any medical conditions and emergency contacts in case we need to contact you urgently.

Save and repeat for all players.

5 Congratulations you are all now members of Leighton Buzzard RFC. We will be in touch with your membership cards soon.