Minis match report 2018-2019

U9s Bedfordshire festival

Ten of the u9 players went over to Bedford Athletic on the 10th March 2019 to play in the annual Bedfordshire Tournament.

The weather had a distinct chill to it, with a strong cold wind howling across the fields, however the U9’s started by winning the “best gazebo” competition – ensuring ours had sides on to keep the team & parents warm. Talking about parents, they must have won the “most vocal supporters” competition too!!

Our first 2 games were on pitch 1, or as we liked to call it – the bog. Between taking our time to warm up, and the pitch conditions, the team found those games tough. Rowan scored 3 excellent tries though, set up by some good team play, and Rowan striding out strongly to cross the line.

The last 2 games were totally different! Moving onto the much better pitch 2, every player stepped up to the plate and delivered 2 great wins! Gaining turnover after turnover through achieving 7 tackles, the u9’s rampaged on the attack. India, Alfie, Rowan, and Theo were amongst the try scorers – with India’s a particular highlight, as she seemed to carry half the Bedford team across the try line to score!

The u9’s in those last 2 games played some of their best rugby I have seen, and everyone of them deserved their well earned medal & hot dog afterwards.