Welcome to the LBRFC U11s page.

The U11’s enter their 3rd season of contact rugby. Each year a new aspect of the game is introduced so the start of each season is a learning curve for all. This makes it easy for new players to join and get involved as even those experienced players who have been playing since U6 tag are always learning.

Sessions run on a Sunday morning from 10:45 – 12.15

Mixed Rugby

Introduced at this age:

  • Defender can rip the ball from the carrier
  • Contest for the ball 2v2
  • Contested strike in the scrum
  • Tactical kicking from hand and Kicking at restarts
  • Free Kick
FormatTransitional Contact
School Year6
Max Players9 a side
Max Pitch Size60m x 43m
Ball size4
Max minutes each half20
Maximum minutes of match play per day70 minutes
Extra Time PermittedNo
Recommended training time duration120 minutes
Match stopped if:Try difference is 6 or more
Start / RestartDrop Kick (must travel at least 7 metres)
ScrumNearest 3 Contest Strike only, no push Only hookers may strike for the ball
LineoutNo, restart with a free pass
RuckYes, limit of 2 supporting players
MaulYes, Limit of 2 supporting players
Offside DistanceHindmost foot at tackle, ruck and Maul. 5m from scrum. 7m from free kick. 7m from free pass.
Fend OffNo
Kicking from HandYes. ‘Fly hack’ not permitted
Kicking at GoalNo
Mark PermittedYes – Anywhere on pitch.
Yellow Card / Sin BinNo
Knock onScrum

Age Specific Notes:

  • Defending scrum half must remain behind the scrum in the pocket made by the 2 props
  • Scrum half must pass from the base of the scrum – May not run with the ball

Competition formats allowed:

  1. Friendly Fixture – Competitive style playing opportunity for two teams, often as part of a club or school/college block fixture, where focus is on maximising all your player’s involvement, development and enjoyment.
  2. Triangular – Competitive style playing opportunity for three teams where equal player participation is the emphasis. Focus is on maximising all your player’s involvement, development and enjoyment rather than the score.
  3. Festival – Competitive round-robin playing opportunity where equal team and player participation is the emphasis. Scores may be recorded but winning doesn’t affect your ongoing participation as every team plays the same appropriate number of matches.

RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 5 Under 11s Rules of play