Fledglings are a recent addition to the ever growing list of rugby groups and Leighton Buzzard Rugby. It was formed in 2019 to provide fun rugby based on sessions for children aged 4 – 6 years.

We like to focus on introducing children to rugby in a fun and safe environment, practising the basics and improving their teamwork skills so that when they enter the U7s and Mini rugby they are prepared for all the changes.


We have built a great little team and have a fantastic group of coach volunteers but we are always open to new players. If you would like to come along and try a free session, please let us know via the contact us link in the menu above. It will be great to see you.


Sessions run on a Sunday morning from 9- 10:30.

Please Note this is not a “drop and go” session and there must be a parent on the side lines at all times for safety and safeguarding.

This is the starting point of your child’s rugby career and the goal is to make their introduction to the game and the club as enjoyable and energetic as possible.

Tag Rugby is a non-contact rugby game with the emphasis on FUN whilst playing sport. Over the season the aim is to develop basic skills of ball handling, running and evasion.

The game is suitable for both girls and boys. 

Format Tag
School Year 1
Max Players 4 a side
Max Pitch Size 20m x 12m
Ball size 3
Max minutes each half 10
Maximum minutes of match play per day 50 minutes
Extra Time Permitted No
Recommended training time duration 60 minutes
Match stopped if: Try difference is 6 or more
Start / Restart Free Pass
Tackle No Tag only
Scrum No
Lineout No, restart with a free pass
Ruck No
Maul No
Offside Distance Offside only occurs at the time of the tag where the offside line is through the centre of the ball except for the tagger for whom it is 1 metre further back.
Fend Off No
Kicking from Hand No
Kicking at Goal No
Mark Permitted No
Knock on Play on
Yellow Card / Sin Bin No
Knock on Play on

Age Specific Notes:

  • Players not allowed to go to ground to score.
  • Ball cannot be ripped from ball carrier.

Fledglings  Under 7s Rules of play