Club NewsMinis Match Reports 2019 - 2020

Under 7, Under 8 , Fledglings @ Aylesbury 20th October 2019

The U8s, U7s and Fledglings enjoyed a superbly organised training session at a cold and blustery Aylesbury RFC on 20th October. Despite the obvious interest in the Rugby Wold Cup quarter finals that were showing at the same time, parents nonetheless turned out in force to support the teams, all of whom seems to be having a lot of fun.

There were a number of games played during training that were new to all of the LB players such as ‘Fishermen’, ‘Wizards’ and ‘Doughnuts’ which brought smiles from all the minis, the Fledglings in particular enjoyed dodging the padded ‘doughnuts’ as they were rolled at them by grinning coaches.

At the end of the training session the Aylesbury head coach gave out a pair of medals for the players that epitomised the TREDS principles and our very own Zach Venn was awarded one for stopping to help one of the opposition players after a mid-play collision left him hurt. Zach rushed over to check he was ok and help him. The coaches admired his spirit of fair play as well as his tally of tries and tags captured.

It was also nice to see a large number of girls among the Aylesbury ranks, which helped to make our Leighton Ladies feel right at home. A huge thank you must go out to Aylesbury for the great session and we look forward to heading back to their club in April for the Aylesbury RFC Festival.