Welcome to the LBRFC U9s page

This Squad is for children who turn 9 years old on or after 1st September 2022 through to 31st August 2023. This means any boys or girls who are currently in Primary School Year 4 starting in September 2022.
We play under the RFU Age Grade Rugby rules for Under 9s, which are geared around full contact which means tackling but no scrummaging, rucking or mauling.


This age group is when the children start tackling which might seem daunting to some players and the parents alike, whereas others will be looking forward to it, therefore our training caters for all. We introduce the elements piece by piece so that they players can adapt and grow at their own pace.

The first few weeks will see a lot of contact rugby game scenarios, with a progressive lead up to matches with full contact in order to build up confidence.

Our focus this season will be on the following:

  • How to fall correctly & safely – the parachute fall
  • Tackle and be tackled safely
  • Clearing the pass
  • Using the width of the pitch
  • Passing in both directions
  • Running forward

Contact rugby will bring with it a few more knocks, tears and the possibility of injury. Parents need to be aware of this which is why it is crucial that the children listen to their coaches as well as do the parents so that they can talk through things with their child. The contact form of the game also teaches confidence within a community of shared experience and teaches the RFU core values, Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, and Sportsperson ship as ever, we will put safety first, if someone is injured we will deal with it as much as possible but we also need parents to be on standby to take over. Your presence is needed at the side-line.

Remember we are a TEAM and work together as a team on and off the pitch, players, coaches and parents alike.

Equipment and Preparation

As we get older – so we need to make sure we are properly equipped


You cannot play without a gum shield – if the children turn up without one they will not be able to take any part in the session – there will be no exceptions on this.  Whether you choose to go down the ‘boil in the bag’ route or the more expensive custom option is up to you. Either way, they need to have a fitted gum shield from the very first session.

Body Armour

Protective body armour (shoulder pads and scrum hats) both have pros and cons and the decision to wear them is left at your discretion …obviously we would like you to make your children fully aware this stuff does NOT turn them into a super hero and as such they still need to exercise caution. Again, you can discuss this with any of us once the season starts.


The wearing of spectacles is prohibited for any type of contact rugby activity. The use of sports goggles is currently being trialled by the RFU. Please see link for information.


Shirts and Clothing

Players during training and games can no longer wear any tops that have hoods or zips as they can cause injury. Also no watches, fitbits or jewellery are allowed and anyone wearing these will be asked to remove them.

Games & Festivals & Training

All fixtures are on the website and you should also have been invited to be part of the Team stuff Group & What’s App Group, please speak to Lucy Price our Team Manager and she can add you to any of these. Parents will need to update Team stuff on a weekly basis as to the attendance of their child, this is really important for training as it allows us to plan sessions and for games so that we can let our club and/or the opposition know numbers for catering and game organisation the coaches know)

As always if you have a question or query please contact any of the other coaches.

Mixed Rugby

Introduced at this age:

  • Tackle. But no rucks, mauls lineouts or scrums.
FormatTransitional Contact
School Year4
Max Players7 a side
Max Pitch Size60m x 30m
Ball size3
Max minutes each half15
Maximum minutes of match play per day60 minutes
Extra Time PermittedNo
Recommended training time duration90 minutes
Match stopped if:Try difference is 6 or more
Start / RestartFree Pass
TackleYes – including 3 second hold
LineoutNo, restart with a free pass
Offside DistanceOffside only at time of tackle. 1m from hindmost foot.
Fend OffNo
Kicking from HandNo
Kicking at GoalNo
Mark PermittedNo
Yellow Card / Sin BinNo
Knock onFree Pass

Age Specific Notes:

  • Players are permitted to go to ground to score.
  • Ball cannot be ripped from ball carrier.

Competition formats allowed:

  1. Friendly Fixture – Competitive style playing opportunity for two teams, often as part of a club or school/college block fixture, where focus is on maximising all your player’s involvement, development and enjoyment.
  2. Triangular – Competitive style playing opportunity for three teams where equal player participation is the emphasis. Focus is on maximising all your player’s involvement, development and enjoyment rather than the score.
  3. Festival – Competitive round-robin playing opportunity where equal team and player participation is the emphasis. Scores may be recorded but winning doesn’t affect your ongoing participation as every team plays the same appropriate number of matches.

RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 3 Under 9 rules of play