Minis match Reports 2017-2018

Under 9s v Biggleswade 21st January 2018

On Sunday the 21st January the Leighton Buzzard under 9s took the trip to Biggleswade in what can be best described as ‘challenging’ conditions. The cold and snow ensured this was going to be a real rugby day.

We were able to field two teams and special mention must be made to four volunteers who offered to supplement Biggleswade numbers to allow them to also field two teams.

In total each team played three games, two Leighton vs Biggleswade and one Leighton vs Leighton match. In each game the young Buzzards acquitted themselves brilliantly in both defence and attack. Defending in numbers is a term that will quickly stick to them if they carry on as they did here. Every ball carrier was relentlessly hunted down in a manner the Saracen’s ‘wolfpack’ would have been proud of! In attack the teamwork was also very evident and equally pleasing. The support play, running off the ball and passing are really showing signs of progress.

A special mention must be made for our hosts, Biggleswade. As ever we were made to feel very welcome and every game was played in the right spirit. Fair play and fun were the key messages and this was reflected in every game. Thank-you Biggleswade.

A final few thanks. Thank-you to the parents for bringing your children to the game. It was cold and wet day but, I hope you all agree, worth it. Lastly a big thank-you to the Leighton Buzzard and Biggleswade under 9s. They played the game brilliantly with smiles and enthusiasm and were a joy to watch. Not one tear or sad face was seen all day! Well done all.