Club NewsMinis Match Reports 2019 - 2020

Under 9s v Towcester 24th November 2019

Buzzards Triumph Against Tough Towcester


Towcester brought a strong squad to take on the Buzzards but despite their aggression and direct play, Leighton Buzzard held their own.

3 games were played concurrently due to numbers, so 9 matches in total, as Towcester brought 20 players and Buzzards had 22. Riley and Harry both played on the Towcester team to match the numbers and were both very professional.

Towcester have a very direct playing style and had no issue driving straight down the middle of the pitch and capitalizing on the muddy conditions to push players into touch. All matches scored multiple tries and we saw in these matches far more turnovers being won when 7 tackles had been completed. A good positive improvement in the number of team members attempting to tackle and completing them.

There was a lot of mud, a few knocks and lots of energy expelled – Towcester were a tough team.

Harry was awarded Tackle of the Week. He was in tackling all the time and wasn’t phased by the size or direct play of the Towcester players.

Riley was recognized for his desire to get the ball and showing a good level of aggression in game play with Player of the Week award.


The Core Values award was given to everyone as behaviour and attitude across the 22 boys was great.

They are all no doubt looking forward to the next match at Banbury on Sunday 1st December.